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Your life in images, past, present and Future!

Tarot Readings ImageApart from Mediumship, the Tarot Deck are the most versatile, amazing, spiritually inspiring, accurate and fascinating Spiritual Tool out there. Whether used for to deepen the art of Meditation, or as a tool for Psychic Tarot Readings, they are a very underused medium in our industry. It amazes, and saddens me that over the Years popular culture has attached so much negativity to these beautifully designed works of art. There is nothing negative, or evil about them. They are simply a tool to allow the Psychic to tap into his own spiritual mind quicker, and deeper.

Over the Years the Tarot has been developed, and used by many secret societies, such as The Golden Dawn. As part of their spiritual journey the members would have to design their own personal deck of cards. These would then be used for many of their mysterious ceremonies. Not in an evil way, as we sometimes here from Television and Hollywood, but in a spiritually uplifting way, as well as part of their own spiritual advancement.

Each Card contains many mystical symbols within their pictures. As your Tarot Reader it is my job to concentrate on these symbols, and interpret them as I look at your past, present and, of course, your future. I will use them to work on any problems you have or questions you need answered.

  • So whether you are:
  • Looking for answers to questions;
  • Wanting help with problems in your life;
  • Curious as to what the future holds for you;
  • Wanting to know what your Spiritual Purpose is in this life;
  • or simply wanting a Tarot Reading as a novelty;

This is the ideal way and, I feel, I am the ideal person to help bring these answers to you. In fact some people having even called Tarot Readings 'Life changing'.

I will look now at some of the most common questions I am asked regarding Tarot Readings:

What exactly is a Tarot Reading? What happens?

As you would imagine, and probably assume, every Tarot Card has their own image, meaning and symbolism. In plain language, I deal the cards into a specific pattern, which is called a 'spread'.

The Chariot Tarot Card from Psychic ReadingsEvery position in the spread has a dedicated area of life it will be covering, such as 'the recent past'. I then, using the meaning of the Card, the symbolism I psychically feel I need to concentrate on, and of course my own wonderful Spirit Guides to build an overall vision of your life, whilst using this information to help answer questions, work on any problems you have, or whatever you tell me you would like me to do. In fact some people just ask me to give them a general Reading, without any questions etc.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask almost anything. Everything is treated in the strictest confidence as you would expect. Here are the most common areas people want me to concentrate on:

  • Love & Relationships;
  • Their life-path (destiny, are they on the right path in their career, life, relationship etc.);
  • A general reading;
  • Career;
  • Finances;
  • and many more areas;

In fact many peoples questions either cover one or many of the above areas. It is totally up to you!

Why would I want to have a Tarot Reading?

It is always difficult to know where to start with this question. Sometimes it is nice to be able to unload all of your problems onto someone who won't judge or have any agenda to make you make a decision in any particular way. A Tarot Reading can also help you remove any obstacles (physical, subconscious or emotional), that are blocking you from achieving goals in life. Sometimes the cards will point out ways and potential opportunities that you would never have thought about being possible. Above all they are enjoyable.