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Things We Don't Know About Chris

Chris Conway Investigating with the Sun Newspaper in the woods photograph

Tell us something we don't know about Chris Conway?

I love to cook. When I get any rare time to myself I love nothing more than getting in the kitchen and cooking for the family. I have always enjoyed this, and if I wasn't a Medium then I could easily see myself owning a restaurant somewhere in the countryside.

What is your favourite food to make?

Well, having I Italian blood in my veins, I would have to say Italian food. My favourite dish, and my family's, is spaghetti and meatballs ... feeling sad? spaghetti and meatballs will cure you, feeling happy? spaghetti and meatballs will be most enjoyable. I'm sure you get my love of this dish.

I have to give Carole-Anne credit, as she has learned to make it as good as I can, which is a bonus as I can eat it more often now.

Can we expect to see a Chris Conway cook book?

No, being in the Paranormal Industry is stressful enough, without trying to make my mark as a celebrity chef. However, I do actually have my own wee cook book, that I have built up over the Years. Unfortunately though, I rarely have time for cooking nowadays.

Any other secrets?

I am a workaholic! My normal day consists of getting up in the morning, making coffee, going to my office, closing the door ... and work until bedtime. I am normally writing (I have a few books that I haven't even got round to publishing yet), Readings, admin, organising Ghost Hunts, Working on my websites and so on. What time do I finish working? Usually between 2am and 5 am the next morning! My problem is I have a very short concentration span, so I need to keep busy to stop getting bored.

I wrote this article for my old website, and I am pleased to say that I have learned in recent times that this is too much and not good for me. I have now cut back a lot and tend to finish between 11pm and 12 am. The rest remains the same though. I hope to try and cut that back too. I guess it is all about learning time management.