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Most Haunted with Chris Conway

The Interview

Tell us about your Original Paranormal Investigation Group?

Picture of Chris Conway appearing on Most HauntedBefore becoming Resident Medium on the TV Show, 'Most Haunted' I ran a small Paranormal Investigation group in Cumbria and South West Scotland called UK Ghost Hunters. This wasn't a Public Events Company. It was basically a group that I set up to try and find proof of the afterlife, and also to get the opportunity to investigate bigger locations throughout the night. I advertised for Paranormal Investigators. Three of the five had grown up together as childhood friends and a lady who loved watching Ghost Hunting shows on TV, such as Most Haunted. So we now had everyone we needed. All we needed now was somewhere to investigate!

Where was your First Investigation?

The first place I investigated was a place that had previously been investigated by the Most Haunted team, called Brougham Hall near Cumbria Penrith in Cumbria. To try and get some publicity for the group I approached a contact I had in the local news to see if they were interested and we agreed on a date for our investigation. Two weeks later we were at the location surrounded by TV cameras and reporters from the local press! For some reason this investigation being run by a Medium who had local TV experience had caught the Media's imagination. They recorded a feature for the news, which was then put on You Tube. This can be seen on the video below:

How did you go from here to, 'Most Haunted'?

Like most things in my life, this is a strange story. We continued as planned to investigate many locations, ranging from Theatres all the way down to a private house. I went about my business quietly, until one day I received an email from someone telling me they were from Antix Productions. They then went on to explain that they were the Production Company who made the Sky Living TV Show, 'Most Haunted'. I couldn't believe my eyes when the next paragraph was telling me they had been aware of me for some time and had been monitoring me. They wanted me to meet up with them to record 3 Episodes as a Guest Medium. I will be honest, I thought it was a spoof email and was about to delete it. However, something was telling me to research the Production Company and the name of the employee who sent it. To my amazement there was such a Production Company, and they did indeed make Most Haunted! I was stunned to then realise that the employee certainly did work for them!

So what happened next?

A few days later I packed my bag and headed up North to check into the Hotel they had booked for me. On arrival the Hotel Receptionist informed me that they had never heard of me, and there was no such booking in my name! Worse, when I mentioned, 'Most Haunted' they seemed puzzled. I started to fear that my initial reaction was correct ... this was a trick! However, moments later the receptionist explained that there was a room reserved by a Company called Antix. Relieved, I checked into my room and anxiously awaited the car that had been arranged to take me to the location. I arrived and before I knew it I was being filmed doing a lit about in a Scottish Castle! The whole day was a whirl, and to this day I struggle to remember exactly what happened.

How did you end up being Resident Medium?

After recording that first show they were so impressed with me they offered me the post as Resident Medium there and then. I was shocked and humbled, and accepted. It's funny as that was in an Italian Restaurant on Union Street in Aberdeen, and I pass it every second week when I got to watch my beloved Aberdeen Football Club play. I then went on what was to become one roller coaster of an adventure. Even though it all ended on a sour note I will always be grateful to Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding for being given that amazing opportunity to show what I could do on a World stage.

We won't mention how it all ended, however, do you hold any grudges?

None whatsoever! I will be honest and say that I did for a little while. However, as time has gone on I think about the show less and less, and just remember the adventure that took a wee Scottish guy from local TV all the way to a World-wide TV Show! There were many ups and far too many downs. Would I change anything? Not a thing, as it was all part of my life journey working for Spirit.