TV Psychic Medium Chris Conway

Bringing Spirit That Little Bit Closer

Chris Conway Interview

Who is Chris Conway?

Chris Conway is one of the UK's most loved TV Psychic Mediums. Chris' easy going, humble and humorous nature has won over an army of followers. Chris appeared on various regional Television shows before being named as Resident Medium on Sky Livings successful show, 'Most Haunted'. During Chris' Most Haunted Career he recorded 2 Season's, 2 Most Haunted Lives, and the ground breaking, Most Haunted Live - The Series. Totalling a massive 37 Shows!

When & how did Chris realise he had such a Psychic Gift?

Most Haunted Medium Chris Conway as a young BoyChris has always been a Psychic Medium, right from a little Child. It was first brought to the attention of his Parents at the age of 6 Years old. Whilst living in a flat in Glasgow, Chris' Dad heard him chatting away to someone in his bedroom. Knowing that his brother was away for the weekend, they entered the room to see who was there.

"To their amazement Chris seemed to be speaking to thin air!"

On quizzing the young Chris, they ascertained that he was speaking to an old man and lady. He gave a name for the old man, but said he didn't know the name of the old lady, as she never spoke to him, only smiled. The name the boy gave was a very strange sounding name indeed ... although he now cannot remember what exactly it was. As Parents tend to do they put it down to the young lad having invisible friends.

Were they invisible friends?

About 2 weeks later Chris' Parents were telling an elderly neighbour all about their young Son's invisible pensioner friends whilst chuckling. The laughing soon stopped when they mentioned the name of the old man. The lady looked shocked, and slightly frightened, as she explained that this strange name was actually the nickname of the old man who lived in the flat previously! The description of the old lady was identical to the description of the old man's wife, who, remarkably, didn't talk much, she just stood and smiled as her husband nattered on. Both had passed over to Spirit many Years before!

What happened next?

For the next few years life returned to normal, and Chris Conway grew up a normal cheeky (if very quiet) little boy. He still had his 'invisible friends', which by this point were more turning into, what he now calls today, his, 'Spirit Army'! He did try to mention it to people when he became a teenager, however, he would always be met with a look of horror. This would lead to him laughing it off as a joke. This became normality for Chris all the way into his early 20's.

Psychology Degree

Chris, by this time an older and wiser head, decided to study for a Psychology Degree (which he achieved with Honours), to try and find out exactly what was happening to him. He was old enough now to realise that not everybody could see and hear the people that he could. After his Degree Chris decided he was happy enough to find that what was happening was indeed a gift. He started to be a lot more open about his abilities. Gradually he built up a reputation as a very accurate and trustworthy Psychic Medium.

What does Chris do away from our TV screens and Theatres?

Chris is happily married to his wonderful Wife, and best friend, Carole-Anne. When they met, well over a decade ago, Chris was a Single Dad, bringing up 2 Children of his own (Chris Jnr and Alicia), whilst Carole-Anne was a Single Mum also bringing up 2 Children of her own (Ricky and Kayla). Chris and Carole-Anne now have 2 Children together (Eva and Jessica).

One of Chris Conway's other passions in life is football ... his beloved Aberdeen FC! He heads up to Pittodrie (and away games) whenever he gets time and lets rip with the best of them.

"Football is my Religion, and Pittodrie is my Church"

So there you have it a brief outline of the man behind TV Psychic Medium Chris Conway!