TV Psychic Medium Chris Conway

Bringing Spirit That Little Bit Closer

Hypnotherapist Interview

How long have you held your Psychology Degree?

I gained my Honours Degree nearly 15 Years ago. This was something that I felt I had to do, as I wanted to understand more about how the human mind works, and what makes us tick. The reason for this was twofold, I wanted to make sure that I was actually communicating with Spirit, and I also wanted to be able to continue to question what I, and other Mediums do. I feel that this makes me different from most Mediums, as I have a very logical and scientific mind-set. I have always like to be different!

How long have you been a qualified Hypnotherapist?

Hypnosis Past-life Regression ImageI have held my Hypnotherapy Diploma for about 6 Years now, as I wanted to add this qualification to my degree and help people in a different way. I also wanted to try and create a way for people to develop their Psychic skills, without having to study in the conventional way. This has been very successful on the people I have worked with. I have had people come on my Meditation Course's adamant that they cannot meditate, only to leave a couple of hours later with a whole new outlook on life.

Is their a link between Hypnosis and Mediumship?

Yes, I really do believe there is, and it is something that I am working on at present. When I am communicating with Spirit, I go to a place I call, 'The Edge of Sleep' ... that place where one is just about to drop off, yet are aware of their surroundings. I don't think that it is a coincidence that many of us jump with a start when we are almost sleeping, because we have sensed, or seen, something in our bedroom. In the same way, I believe when someone is in such a relaxed state that we can bypass the conscious mind to communicate with their subconscious (Hypnotic State), as they are also on the, 'Edge of Sleep'. In fact, I have treated clients for things such as weight loss, only for them to come round asking why there was someone else on their journey with them!