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What is the difference between Ghosts & Spirits?

Psychic Medium Ghost and Spirits PhotoThis is a question I get asked many times. Let's start by describing what a Ghost is. Put simply, a Ghost is a recording of an event from the past. Nobody knows what causes this recording. There are many theories, such as the 'Stone Tape Theory', which was introduced in the 1970's by a Paranormal Investigator by the name of, Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick. This theory hypothesises that Ghosts are caused by an object making a recording of energy.

If you imagine watching a DVD of a friends wedding, recorded 10 Years previously. What you are seeing on the screen is similar to a Ghost, as the person you are viewing no longer exists ... she is 10 Years older! So looking at it this way, we should be scared of a DVD recording as we are of Ghosts! I can just imagine the DVD starting up and everyone screaming and calling the image evil, before throwing holy water at the TV. This sounds stupid right? Well to me so does being scared of a Ghost!

So what is a Spirit?

The simple answer to this question is ... Energy! Don't worry, I won't leave it there. You and I are both Spirit. The only difference between us and the the Spirit of the Dead is our physical body. When we pass on to the World of Spirit our body changes form. It is a scientific fact that Energy cannot be created, and it cannot be destroyed. It just exists!

Now when we consider that the whole Universe is made up of Energy, of some form or another, it makes sense to argue that Spirit is indeed Energy. I believe that this Energy is within us all, and I call it your 'Inner Energy', whilst others may use the term, 'Soul' etc. When we die, this Inner Energy is set free to join the World of Spirit. This Inner Energy has never changed, it has simply been set free!

So how do you communicate with this Energy?

Well, when Spirit communicate with each other they do so on a telepathic level. This is exactly how I communicate with them. My Inner Energy silently communicates with their Inner Energy. I simply observe and wait for the answers to come. When I have a question I use the same process.

I have dumbed this explanation of the difference between Ghosts and Spirits, however, I hope it goes some way to beginning the process of understanding the difference between Ghosts and Spirits.