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About Chris Conway

Chris Conway Paranormal InvestigatorThe amazing Mediumship abilities of Chris Conway first came to light when he was only 7 Years of age. His dad heard his voice coming from his bedroom. Knowing he was alone he went to investigate. To his surprise he found the young boy speaking to what seemed like nobody! The information he received was verified by a neighbour as tenants who used to live in their house Years before ... who had since passed away. Not only this but Chris also gave his Father the nickname of the old man!

Since then Chris Conway has grown into an adult and made his mark on the industry, on Television, Theatre and also Public Ghost Hunts. He has gathered a reputation of honesty, integrity, compassion and kindness, both with his peers and many Paranormal fans around the World.

Chris has also written many successful Spiritual books and is currently working on another book as we speak. Chris' previous books have been written in a small easy to learn style in the past. However, the current book is planned to be a much larger and fuller learning tool.

One of Chris' other passion is working with those who are eager to discover and/or develop their own Psychic abilities. He runs Workshops all over the UK and is currently working on offering these services via video too. Keep an eye out for the start of this service in the coming months.

Chris Conway can also be hired for other events such as Readings, Mediumship Demonstrations, Teaching Workshops in your area, Attending Ghost Hunts as your Medium, TV Work, Public Appearances and so on. To find out more just visit the Services Page.